Acid Wash

Acid Washing

Chemicals in a pool are sort of like the flesh of a swimming pool. They protect the good stuff inside, from the bad stuff outside.

Acid washing is a necessary step to take when any pool cleaning contractor services your pool. Proper acid washing and effective sanitation of swimming pools are essential in ensuring that swimmers are safe from the contact of waterborne parasites and diseases.

Most swimming pool owners are unaware of the fact the fact that swimmers carry pathogens as well. Some key steps to keeping pools clean between treatments include regular washing of swimmers when entering, and re-entering swimming pools.

When pools are uncovered, they are exposed to the elements, and contaminants as small as dust and animal dander, up to dirt, leaves, mud and worse can end up on the surface, or on the bottom of your pool. We don’t want to go into graphic detail, we prefer to provide our customers with what they need to keep their pools as clean as possible. It is no secret that a properly maintained swimming pool with adequate filtration is fundamental to repelling large objects.

Consistent and regular testing and treating of water levels is the most cost-effective way to enjoy your swimming pool every month of the year.The cost of designing, constructing, cleaning, draining, refilling, maintaining, and sanitizing a swimming pool can rise and flood to levels that no water lover wants. What you spend on a pool should not exceed what you get back in entertainment.

Make sure that Pasadena Pool Services is the first, last, and then only choice you rely on for the most sparkling of pools, without that nasty chlorine aftertaste. Keeping the levels balanced is the key, and one of the things that should not be attempted by anyone other than an expert pool cleaner with years of hands-on experience.