Arcadia Pool Service

Arcadia Pool Maintenance

You deserve the best pool maintenance service in Arcadia. We provide our customers with easy scheduling options for a complete list of pool services from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool cleaning. Regardless of the situation, we will work hard to keep your pool clean all year round.

Pool Cleaning in Arcadia

From water treatment, algae removal and filter replacement to a tile cleaning, and tile replacement, we do it all. We will leave no tile uncleaned, or unplastered, and clean your swimming pool so well that you won’t be able to help but tell your friends and family about us.

Pool Equipment Repair Arcadia, CA

When pool equipment breaks, it always happens at a time that you really want to use your swimming pool. And most of the calls we get are from customers who need someone to help in a hurry. If pool filters are dirty, they can cause pool pumps and pool motors to work harder than normal, and eventually strain them to the point that they break. It’s not a total loss, we are experts at fixing pool equipment.

Replacement Pool Equipment

We have access to every pool equipment manufacturer. Unlike most pool service companies in Arcadia, we know how to work on everything. It’s no wonder we are the first and last place to look for all of your pool equipment. We even have access to discount prices on certain pool supplies. Our techs are so good at equipment repair that we have a steady stock used and refurbished pool equipment for customers on a limited budget.

Drain and Fill

Easily, one of the most basic steps to cleaning a pool the right way. Our team will drain your pool, and wait until it is completely empty before making a suggestion on whether or not it makes sense to do an acid wash, or go deeper and think about pool renovation. Our guys are trained to walk in your empty pool to search for hairline cracks in the pool that could lead to leaking swimming pools.

Leak Detection and Repair

It is important to hire a certified leak detection specialist to inspect your pool if you experience common symptoms. This may include a decrease in the pool water level, puddles of water in other parts of your backyard,  or even grass that is dying from over saturation of water. The fun part is finding out where is the leak and what may have caused it. We use the latest tools and computers and cameras and pressure gauges to eliminate leaks.

Algae Removal

Algae is gross. Unless you plan on growing something hydroponically, plants have no place in a man-made pool. Nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing what could be a beautiful pool, turn into a bowl of swamp water. Seeing these swimming pools also excites us, because we know the pool is going to look amazing once we are done with it. Since we usually drain pools for a full and complete inspection when there are algae on site, this is easily remedied once we shock the microbes with cleaning agents and thorough acid wash.

Acid Washing

Not many things can survive long exposure to acid. The tiny organisms that have invaded your swimming pool are no different. In addition to draining your pool, scrubbing pool walls, and cleaning pool tiles, we are also going to acid wash every square inch of your swimming pool to eliminate everything. Acid washing also restores the look and feel of the original surface, giving your swimming pool a full-on spa day.

Pool Replastering

When we diagnose a swimming pool, we look for signs of concrete chipping away on the pool floor and pool walls. All we have to do is look at the amount of sediment in the pool filter and along the bottom of the pool. You might have already noticed that there are tiny rocks building up in the deep ends of your pool, or that your pool vacuum is not working as well as before. It may be an issue that needs to be addressed by completely replastering the pool.