Burbank Pool Service

Burbank Pool Service

Our team has the skills to get into detailed levels of pool care and can even remove, clean, install and replace all filtration systems on the market. You should know by now that we provide weekly and biweekly services for pools of all sizes.

Give us a call for the most affordable swimming pool cleaning service in Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena.

We Clean Pools In Burbank

By hiring a professional pool company in Burbank, you can rest assured that we will give your swimming pools a complete inspection. We are experts in pool leak detection and repair, swimming pool heater repair, swimming pool pump repair and more.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pool cleaning services.

Commercial Pool Service In Burbank, California

Our team is trained to clean any sized swimming pool. We have experience working on commercial pools in athletic facilities, recreational facilities, churches, schools, private organizations, apartment complexes, condominiums, colleges and universities and more. We always offer our customers free advice on how to keep their swimming pools as clean as possible between visits.

Call on the experts at Pasadena Pool Services to handle your weekly pool cleaning so that you hire the best pool service in Burbank, CA.

Burbank Residential Pool Service

We have been cleaning pools in the San Fernando Valley for over 18 years. From filter cleaning, acid washes to pool pump repair, we are the best professional pool company in Burbank.

Our list of weekly pool maintenance services include:

  • Checking and balancing the pool chemicals
  • Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
  • Skimming the pool and removing debris from the pool floor
  • Brushing pool tiles, pool walls, and pool floors
  • Backwashing of filters

We also offer additional pool care services:

  • Pool deck cleaning
  • Pool equipment inspection
  • Pool equipment repair and/ or replacement
  • Leak detection and leak repair
  • Pool opening/ pool closing

Burbank Pool Equipment Repair

We are here to help repair or replace all of your pool equipment.

Replacement Pool Filters – We can clean pool filters, but if they are used to the point that they aren’t effective anymore, we can easily replace them.

Pool Heaters – Some people like their pool to be the perfect temperature before diving in. A properly heated pool can help melt away the stresses of life in a matter of moments. We can repair your pool heater or offer a replacement if it makes sense.

Pool Pumps – One of the most important pieces of pool equipment. A broken pool pump is a sign of pressure issues which can cause bigger problems if not resolved quickly. We will inspect your pump to make sure it isn’t working too hard and offer an affordable replacement pool pump when the time is right.

Pool Motors – If you hear some weird sounds, or notice that it takes longer than normal for your pool to heat up, there may be an issue with the pool motor. We will perform a full diagnosis on every part of the pool system to troubleshoot anything that may cause your motor to stop working.

Pool Lighting – Flickering lights, or even swimming in total darkness may be cool for some, but most of our customers prefer to enjoy their swimming pool when it’s well lit, and sparking.  The right amount of light can make any pool look ten times better, and isn’t as expensive as most would think. We can fix pool lights or replace bulbs if they have burnt out.

We are committed to providing San Fernando Valley with the best customer service, reliable and honest workmanship and most affordable prices than any other pool company in Burbank.

Call us at 626-587-3761 for a free estimate today.