La Crescenta Pool Service

Pool Maintenance in La Crescenta

You deserve the best pool maintenance service in La Crescenta. We offer a flexible schedule of pool services from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool care. Whatever the situation, we will keep your pool looking beautiful every month of the year.

Montrose Pool Cleaning

From skimming the pool surface to remove leaves and debris, to a full detailed cleaning and scrubbing the floor of your swimming pool, we do it all. We will leave no stone unturned, and give clean your swimming pool so well that you might post a photo online to show the world what you are working with.

Pool Equipment Repair La Crescenta, CA

Broken pool equipment is a sure fire way to end the party. If pool heaters, pool pumps, or pool motors stop working,l you should call us. We can fix pool equipment, or get a replacement right away.

Replacement Pool Equipment

Our access to every major manufacturer of pool equipment makes us the one stop shop for all of your pool needs. We even have relationships with companies that sell pool supplies. Normally, they would not sell to the public, but since we have so many clients, we can offer new or used pool equipment for almost wholesale prices.

Acid Washing

This process gets deep into the dirt and lifts stains that are set it. On another note, acid washing helps kills microbes that can make your swimming pool a haven for parasites. You can already see a difference from how pools look before we clean them, and after we clean pools. But there is something about acid washing that leaves customers with a restored piece of mind.

Pool Replastering

Older pools need facelifts from time to time and it can be expensive for a complete pool renovation project. Luckily, our experience as pool technicians has given us the knowledge to find ways to renovate pools without breaking the bank. We can replaster pools, paint pools, and apply epoxy to pools, which gives them new life and enhances their look for years on end.

Leak Detection and Repair

It is easy to notice that you have a leak in your pool plumbing system. Common signs are a decrease in the water level in your pool, or puddles of water building up in your grass, or even yellow dying grass as a result of overexposure to chemicals in pool water. The hardest part is finding out where is the leak. We use advanced technology, including microscopic cameras and pressure tests to locate and repair leaks.

Algae Removal

When algae build up and turns the pool green, you have a living ecosystem on your hands. The first thing we need to do is completely drain the water in the swimming pool, and then start scrubbing the surface of the pool. We use abrasive chemicals that are eco-friendly to pets and kids but prove to be fatal to algae and other microorganisms trying to start a family in your swimming pool.

Drain and Fill

One of the most fundamental steps to properly cleaning a pool. Our techs will take the time to drain a pool, which can take an entire day. Then we will go inside and clean pool tiles, clean pool walls, and look for cracks in the pool floor which may be causing leaks. This is also the perfect time to determine if it makes sense to invest in a long-term solution to repair pools or to just refill and treat the water with regular pool maintenance.