Pool Maintenance

Need regular swimming pool maintenance?

Need irregular pool care? We’re going to know what happened. Call us. 

We clean pools like nobody’s business. It’s our business.

Top to bottom, we are the best at pool cleaning, water treatment, and pool maintenance. Our aim is to surpass what you expected out of any other pool service company.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pool maintenance services to residential pools and commercial swimming pools in and around Pasadena, CA.

There is no better choice than Pasadena Pool Services, for the simple fact that we are well-respected experts who know how to take care of our customers and take care of their pools. If you are going on an extended stay away from home and need a professional to keep your pool up to par, we are the ones to call.

If you have experience taking care of your pool, you may still need a professional pool cleaner to come in from time to time to give your pool a boost in cleanliness. Similar to taking care of ourselves in Southern California by eating right, and enjoying ourselves in the sun, we need regular checkups from health care professionals. It’s all the same. We will provide you with honest, low-cost solutions to extend the life of the balance of your pool between maintenance visits.

Proper Pasadena Pool Care

  1. On a regular basis, one of our certified technicians will come out to vacuum the pool floor for solids that may have gathered at the bottom.
  2. We inspect the surface for leaks. If it’s not watertight, it will not flow right.
  3. We test and stabilize chlorine and pH levels. We’ll keep you from swimming in water that has a high or low acid level. The acid in the pool water? That’s bad for everybody.
  4. Clean and replace swimming pool filters when required, clear the surface of the water for any foreign matter.
  5. Ensure all-around, exceptional levels of cleanliness to your swimming pool. We are always there to make sure that your pool is adjusted to your usage throughout the seasons.