Pool Equipment Repair

We pride ourselves on getting our hands dirty. That’s why when pool filters stop performing, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to the root of the problem.

Call Pasadena Pool Services to have one of our dedicated team members service the repair of your swimming pool filter and offer any additional suggestions to help you increase the longevity of each component.

Let us come out to address the matter, and get you back up and running again. We will tell you the truth. In all reality, you might only require a simple touch up. We can handle that in no time.

Swimming Pool Equipment Repair in Pasadena

Things happen. That’s life. Imagine this scenario: you need a swimming pool filter immediately, you plan on using the pool tonight and you didn’t even know that the filter was bad. Busted!
The water feels slimy. Not good. And who knows what fun you might have missed out as a result. We know pools, so… we know.

Sometimes, we make last-minute house calls for our clients in dire need. There is not a problem with us coming out to determine whether or not it’s actually a repair that needs to be conducted or just a matter of administering some tender loving care. In any event, we are right at your side to give you the cleanest pool filters in Pasadena.

New and Used Pool Equipment in Los Angeles, CA

Pool filters – are sort of like the flesh of a swimming pool. They protect the good stuff inside, from the bad stuff outside. Swimming pool filters are constantly at work.

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