San Marino Pool Service

Reliable Pool Maintenance In San Marino, CA

Call on the experts at Pasadena Pool Services to handle your weekly pool cleaning so that you hire the best pool company in San Marino, CA.

Our team has been providing customers with crystal clear swimming pools for over 18 years. From water treatment, to pool repair, we are the premier professional pool guys. For weekly cleaning, water treatment, and equipment monitoring, call us at 626-587-3761

  • Our list of weekly pool maintenance services include:
  • Checking and balancing the pool chemicals
  • Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
  • Skimming the pool and removing debris from pool floor
  • Brushing pool tiles, pool walls and pool floors
  • Backwashing of filters
  • Acid wash
  • pH level testing
  • Pool deck cleaning
  • Pool equipment inspection
  • Pool equipment repair and/ or replacement
  • Leak detection and leak repair
  • Pool opening/ pool closing

Our team is trained and certified to repair major pool equipment such as Pentair, Hayward and Intelliflow. We also offer used and refurbished swimming pool equipment to help reduce the cost of repair. We have almost 20 years of experience working on broken swimming pool heating systems an filtration systems.

  • Regular skimming and self-cleaning swimming pool is the best approach to reducing cost and frequency of cleaning your swimming pool. This easy procedure should be done by homeowners several times per month.
  • Residential swimming pool owners should regularly brush and vacuum the pool once a week. This helps to ensure that the water is clear at all times and helps to reduce the concentration of chemicals.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the filter before and after each use of the vacuum adds to the efficiency of swimming pool cleaning systems.
  • Pool owners should take a few minutes per week to brush the swimming pool walls, tiles, and floor. It is commonly known that calcium buildup can ruin the appearance of your pool, but neglecting the tiles can eventually affect performance if grout enters the filtration system.
  • We are experienced in working on swimming pool equipment of every major brand. You can rely on Pasadena Pool Services to help with not only swimming pools but also the hot tub and jacuzzi cleaning services. No matter which device you own, we recommend keeping equipment clean often, so that parts do not need to be replaced by a professional pool cleaning company.