Pool Repair

We are experts in swimming pool repair for both commercial and residential applications. If it’s broke we can fix it.

From small brush ups like missing tiles, or cracks in the concrete around the pool, to more advanced repairs such as cracks in the pool floor, broken swimming pool pumps, pool filters, and damaged lights, we can handle it all We were serious about pools functioning at peak capacity.

If there’s anything that you need to ask before deciding on what you need to do to fix your swimming pool, call us so that we can address those needs immediately.

For us, a safely operating pool is a beautiful private oasis. When the pool is not clean, it smells funny or is broken and out of commission, it becomes an eyesore. Who wants that in their line of sight? We don’t like seeing it. It’s emotional. OK, if not to you, know that if definitely, sometimes, almost always puts a tear in our eyes. We want to make sure that we repair your swimming pool and get it back to its prime condition. What are you doing? Jump in and have some fun.

Welcome the dispatch of one of our experts to accurately and efficiently diagnose any symptoms within the foundation of your pool that may cause an unnecessary headache.

The Golden State shakes. If one of Southern California’s earthquakes messed up your swimming pool, we’ve had the fixings. Suppose your pool is suffering from years of neglect, it doesn’t matter. We can come out, walkthrough, give you an estimate, perform the work, and get you back on track. Easy. One simple phone call to Pasadena Pool Services could be the beginning of the end of your unsightly pool problems.