About Us

About Pasadena Pool Services

Whether you own a pool fit for four or an Olympic sized pool, let us show you why we are gold medalists at every aspect of pool servicing.

Basic maintenance of every pool we touch includes:
Regular inspection, testing, and cleaning of the pool pump. This includes all the moving parts that keep the water circulating and flowing nicely.

Vacuuming the bottom and side of the pool and netting the pool where necessary. Not sure what netting is? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to explain.

If you think your swimming pool could use a netting procedure, call us now.
Monitoring, and testing of chemical levels in your pool. Those chemicals can do nasty things to our skin, hair, and eyes. If your pool smells strong with bleach, that is not good. We can fix that in a snap.

Restoring the pool to proper balance to ensure safety and enhance your enjoyment. We’ll break out a portable version of a laboratory to sanitize the water in the pool without having to drain and refill. We will if we have to, but regular checkups will prevent that from ever becoming an option.

Plus… We offer continuous tips and industry secrets on how to get you involved in the process. There are little things that people can do to keep their pools on point between visits. If you require monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly visits. We are as flexible as water itself.