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We are experts at fixing broken pool equipment, so that would be our first route. However, if it costs less to replace the pool part with something newer, more efficient and more cost effective, we will always provide that option. 

We repair every major brand of pool heaters including but not limited to: Pentair, Hayward, Intext, Wayne, Harris, Sta-Rite and more.

Call for more information about your specific brand and model. 

Free consultations and monthly pool maintenance service plans in Pasadena, CA, Altadena, CA, La Canada Flintridge, CA, Alhambra, CA, San Marino, CA, South Pasadena, CA, Eagle Rock, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Glendale, CA, Burbank, CA and surrounding areas.

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Pool Cleaning, Pool Maintenance In Pasadena, CA

List of Pool Parts We Service in Pasadena

  • We fix all brands, and models of pool equipment. This can include:
    • pool pumps
    • pool motors
    • pool skimmers
    • automatic pool cleaners
    • pool filters
    • pool filter parts
    • salt systems
    • filter cartridges
    • baskets
    • pool heaters
    • automatic controls
    • pool lighting parts
    • junction box parts
    • pool valves

Using Pasadena Pool Services for weekly pool cleaning or pool maintenance is a key to preventing pool equipment from breaking down before things become a real problem. 

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Should I Replace My Pool Heater or Repair My Pool Heater?

This is one of the most common questions that pool owners ask us when give them free estimates on pool heater repair. Everyone wants to save money on pool equipment repair, and regular pool cleaning, but we always know that cheapest does not always mean best. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

The real way to determine whether or not to repair or replace broken pool equipment is by looking at each individual use. If you plan on getting the most out of your pool more than just a couple of times a year, it makes absolute sense to buy new or refurbished pool heaters to keep your pool functioning comfortably all year long.

On the other hand, if you think you are only going to dip into the pool once in a while and only during the summer months, it might make more sense to fix what you have and call it a day. But with changes in technology, it can cost less to buy a newer energy efficient pool heater that can help save operating costs over the life of ownership.

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Pasadena Pool Heater Replacement

While there is no legal requirement, most public pools and resorts maintain a pool temperature of 78 – 85 degrees. Temperatures below this range usually are treated with different concentrations of chlorine. However, it is important to realize that cold water not only negatively affects the pool system, it can be detrimental to the well being of swimmers.

Southern Californians get the chance to experience some of the most ideal climate conditions in the nation. We aren’t used to the cold climates that our fellow Americans in the mid-west and east coast endure every year. Since our bodies aren’t conditioned for the cold, jumping into a rigid and cold pool can cause swimmers to experience discomfort and disorientation. 

An effective pool heating system will protect and enhance the connection that swimmers in apartment, public, and institutional pools create with the water that is closest and most familiar to them.

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