Commercial Pool Cleaning Services Pasadena

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Managers of recreational facilities have enough on their plate without worrying about the safety of residents, staff,  supplies, and service requests. Most property managers are given the additional task of property maintenance. Most property managers that we work with handle more than one location. 

Working with one team to serve all properties cuts down on time and money to cater to new and existing clients. Bottom line, time is money. We save you the time, you save the money.

If you are the owner of or are in charge operating a commercial indoor or outdoor swimming facility, you need us on your side. We have hundreds of satisfied clients that are accustomed to letting us handle the dirty work, while they focus on key elements of their business. 

The pool at your facility should glisten in a way that makes you want to break the rules and jump in. We have gallons of experience in cleaning commercial pools, and ongoing monthly maintenance for corporate accounts.

Pool Cleaning, Pool Maintenance In Pasadena, CA

Pasadena Commercial Pool Services

  • Health code compliant supply and application of pool chemicals
  • Pool servicing on weekly, bi-weekly options
  • Multiple locations/ properties
  • Water analysis and treatment
  • pH level testing
  • Pool Filtration
  • Pool Plumbing
  • Pool Repair and Restoration

We address the minimum of your concerns –

  • Treating Against Chlorine Resistant Pathogens
  • Guest Quality Expectations
  • Consistent Water Filtration to Improve Quality
  • Disease and Respiratory Issues
  • Recovering Proper pH Levels After Large Events – if you recently hosted an event that attracted a larger than normal amount of users, you may need to have an expert test, analyze and treat the water in order to restore water to safe and compliant levels.

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we clean Swimming pools at Hotels and resorts

Whether you are a health resort looking for pool cleaning services, or a gym seeking a team that can handle pools designed for competition training, we can offer full services to meet any scale.

We service apartments, public pools, and water parks. We aren’t limited by your location, or level of privacy. Our experience handling private, exclusive facilities such as estate homes, and compounds, hotels, and cruise ships. Not to be cocky, but we are confident. No one does it better. When it comes to looking for a pool service company in Pasadena, make sure that you reach out to us by calling 626-587-3761.

Pool Cleaning Services We Provide

Gyms & Athletic Clubs Malls, Plazas & Shopping Centers

Hotels & Resorts
Amusement Parks
Colleges & Universities

Public Facilities
Private Pools

Pool Equipment Repair
Pool Heater Repair
Pool Automation Repair

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Proper Pasadena Pool Care

  1. On regular basis one of our certified technicians will come out to vacuum the pool floor for solids that may have gathered at the bottom.
  2. We inspect the surface for leaks. If it’s not water tight, it will not flow right.
  3. We test and stabilize chlorine and pH levels. We’ll keep you from swimming in water that has a high or low acid levels. Acid in the pool water? That’s bad for everybody.
  4. Clean and replace swimming pool filters when required, clear the surface of the water for any foreign matter.
  5. Ensure an all-around, exceptional levels of cleanliness to your swimming pool. We are always there to make sure that your pool is adjusted to your usage throughout the seasons.
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