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Pasadena Pool Maintenance

Need regular Pasadena pool maintenance? Call us. Need irregular pool care? We’re going to need to know what happened. 
Call us. 
We clean pools like nobody’s business. It’s our business. Top to bottom, we are the best at pool cleaning, water treatment and pool maintenance. Our aim is to surpass what you expected out of any other pool service company in Pasadena.
We offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pool maintenance services to residential pools and commercial swimming pools in and around Pasadena, CA. There is no better choice than Pasadena Pool Services, for the simple fact that we are well respected experts who know how to take care of our customers, and take care of their pools.
If you are going on an extended stay away from home and need a professional to keep your pool up to par, we are the ones to call. Dial 626-587-3761 for reliable pool maintenance.
If you have experience taking care of your pool, you may still need a professional pool cleaner to come in from time to time to give your pool a boost in cleanliness. Similar to taking care of ourselves in Southern California by eating right, and enjoying ourselves in the sun, and getting regular check ups from health care professionals. It’s all the same. We will provide you with honest, low cost solutions to extend the life of the balance of your pool between pool cleaning service visits.
Pool Cleaning, Pool Maintenance In Pasadena, CA

List of Pool Services in Pasadena

  • We offer several Pasadena pool services. Take a look at our list below:
    • Pool Design
    • Pool Construction
    • Pool Installation
    • Pool Repair
    • Pool Cleaning
    • Pool Heater Installation
    • Pool Heater Repair
    • Pool Landscaping
    • Pool Replastering
    • Pool Plumbing
    • Pool Removal
    • Spa / Hot Tub Installation
    • Spa/ Hut Tub Cleaning
    • Spa/ Hot Tub Repair
    • Pool, Spa/ Hot Tub Covers
    • Water Treatment
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Pasadena Professional Pool Care

Our certified pool technicians are in constant training and development to build their skill level. This ensures that we can address any situation that is placed before us. We clean green pools, fix broken pool equipment and even perform a 10-point inspection to prevent the need to replace pool heaters before their time. Each opportunity that presents itself is another chance for us to outdo what we did before. Our goal is to become a regular part of your process when it comes to property maintenance. No one wants a dirty pool. No one wants to invite guests over and deny them the experience of enjoying a swimming pool that is too cold, or unfiltered. That defeats the purpose of investing time and money into installing a pool or buying a home with a pool in the first place.

Pool Cleaning Services We Offer

Gyms & Athletic Clubs Malls, Plazas & Shopping Centers

Hotels & Resorts
Amusement Parks
Colleges & Universities

Public Pool Cleaning
Private Pool Cleaning
Luxury Pool Cleaning

Pool Equipment Repair
Pool Heater Repair
Pool Automation Repair

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What We Do When We Service Pools In Pasadena

Pool Cleaning – we perform routine cleaning of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.
Pool Maintenance – regularly scheduled pool maintenance visits can be conducted on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Our commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers make us flexible and reliable.
Pool Repair – we offer a long list of pool repair services. We can fix the pool floor and wall surfaces, inspect and repair plumbing, filtration, and heating issues.
pH level testing – is just one of the procedures we conduct with each initial pool inspection. Our water analysis techniques are proven to reveal exactly what we need to do in order to maintain a healthy balance.
Pool Construction – we can design, build and demolish swimming pools of all sizes. If you have been having dreams, we can make them a reality.
Pool Remodeling – our experience building and remodeling pools ensure the highest level of quality on each project.
Pool Automation – program your pool to adjust settings and find the right temperature without being at home.

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