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Once you have had an opportunity to work with Pasadena Pool Services, you will immediately know that you have just selected the pool company in the Los Angeles area.

Our technicians have the know-how, passion and dedication to deliver the best pool care in the industry.

We can also provide a wide range of pool supplies for the home owner, or property manager who has a keen understanding on how to maintain their own pool. We carry all of the top brands on the market at a cost much more competitive than retail locations. 

We are looking forward to working with you and showing you how our services clearly surpass every other swimming pool service in Pasadena.

Pool Cleaning, Pool Maintenance In Pasadena, CA

List of Pool Services in Pasadena

  • We offer several Pasadena pool services. Take a look at our list below:
    • Pool Design
    • Pool Construction
    • Pool Installation
    • Pool Repair
    • Pool Cleaning
    • Pool Heater Installation
    • Pool Heater Repair
    • Pool Landscaping
    • Pool Replastering
    • Pool Plumbing
    • Pool Removal
    • Spa / Hot Tub Installation
    • Spa/ Hut Tub Cleaning
    • Spa/ Hot Tub Repair
    • Pool, Spa/ Hot Tub Covers
    • Water Treatment
    • Weekly Pool Cleaning

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We address the minimum of your concerns –

  • Treating Against Chlorine Resistant Pathogens
  • Guest Quality Expectations
  • Consistent Water Filtration to Improve Quality
  • Disease and Respiratory Issues
  • Recovering Proper pH Levels After Large Events – if you recently hosted an event that attracted a larger than normal amount of users, you may need to have an expert test, analyze and treat the water in order to restore water to safe and compliant levels.

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Professional Pool Cleaning You Can Trust

We stand behind our work, and if we could, we would stand on it. Since we can’t walk on water, we can do the next best thing; we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the work we provide. We haven’t had to do this, but if we need to drain and refill your pool after we have provided a treatment, we will. We are on a mission to meet, and exceed your expectations of any service provider you have ever dealt with. We are confident that you will become a client of ours for the life of your pool. Simple water treatment for your swimming pool may be easy for homeowners to do once in a while.

We would be the first to tell you that basic swimming pool maintenance is a DIY job. However, when it comes to an extensive pool cleaning, it’s best to hire an experienced pool man that is licensed to handle chemicals, chlorine tabs, and test pH levels for optimum ranges in the pool. Take a moment to look at the steps we take when conducting a complete pool cleaning before we start providing weekly pool cleaning services in Pasadena. 

Pool Cleaning Services We Offer

Gyms & Athletic Clubs Malls, Plazas & Shopping Centers

Hotels & Resorts
Amusement Parks
Colleges & Universities

Public Pool Cleaning
Private Pool Cleaning
Luxury Pool Cleaning

Pool Equipment Repair
Pool Heater Repair
Pool Automation Repair

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What To Expect From Pasadena Pool Cleaning Service

  1. Drain the pool to inspect drains, tiles and the surface of the pool floors.
  2. Remove any and all dirt, debris and trash from the pool.
  3. Check for cracks, leaks and chips in the swimming pool tiles.
  4. Test the swimming pool motor, heater, and pumps.
  5. Repair or replace any swimming pool equipment and parts.
  6. Evaluate the plumbing system in the swimming pool line and check for leaks in the pipes
  7. Repair and replace swimming pool plumbing.
  8. Refill swimming pools with new water and conduct water treatment.
  9. Test for pH levels.
  10. Notify the homeowner that they will need to wait a few hours before getting in the pool.
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