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Water treatment is a necessary step to take when any pool cleaning contractor services your Pasadena swimming pool. Proper water treatment and effective sanitation of swimming pools is essential in ensuring that swimmers are safe from the contact of waterborne parasites and diseases.

Most swimming pool owners are unaware of the fact the fact that swimmers carry pathogens as well. Some key steps to keeping pools clean between treatments include encouraging swimmers to wash off before entering, and re-entering pools. When swimming pools are uncovered, they are exposed to the elements, and contaminants as small as dust and animal dander, up to dirt, leaves, mud and worse can end up on the surface, or on the bottom of your pool. A simple pool cover can save time and cleaning costs.

We don’t want to go into graphic detail, we prefer to provide our customers with what they need to keep their pools as clean as possible. It is no secret that a properly maintained swimming pool with adequate filtration is fundamental to repelling large objects. Consistent and regular testing and treating of water levels is the most cost effective way to enjoy your swimming pool every month of the year.

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  • We offer several Pasadena pool services. Take a look at our list below:
    • Pool Design
    • Pool Construction
    • Pool Installation
    • Pool Repair
    • Pool Cleaning
    • Pool Heater Installation
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    • Pool Landscaping
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    • Water Treatment
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What We Do When We Service Pools In Pasadena

Pool Cleaning – we perform routine cleaning of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.
Pool Maintenance – regularly scheduled maintenance visits can be conducted on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Our commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers make us flexible and reliable.
Pool Repair – we offer a long list of pool repair services. We can fix the pool floor and wall surfaces, inspect and repair plumbing, filtration, and heating issues.
pH level testing – is just one of the procedures we conduct with each initial inspection. Our water analysis techniques are proven to reveal exactly what we need to do in order to maintain a healthy balance.
Pool Construction – we can design, build and demolish swimming pools of all sizes. If you have been having dreams, we can make them a reality.
Pool Remodeling – our experience building and remodeling pools ensure the highest level of quality on each project.
Pool Automation – program your pool to adjust settings and find the right temperature without being at home.

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