South Pasadena Pool Service

South Pasadena Pool Maintenance

Looking for the best pool maintenance in South Pasadena? No need to click anywhere else, unless it’s to call us at 626-587-3761 right away. We offer customers peace of mind knowing that we have flexible scheduling options for a complete list of pool services. Our team of pool cleaners offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool cleaning in South Pasadena. From pool equipment repair, pool automation installation and even pool plastering, we can help with all of your swimming pool needs.

Pool Cleaning in South Pasadena

The list goes on. We are the most reliable pool cleaning company in South Pasadena because we do it all. In fact, you should head over to our services page to learn more about what we do, and how we are here to serve. From pool heater repair or replacement, algae removal and filter cleaning, we can do that all in one visit.

Pool Equipment Repair South Pasadena, CA

It seems like whenever pool equipment breaks, it seems to always happen at a time that you really want to use your swimming pool. For some reason, that’s just how Murphy’s Law works. Unfortunately, that means that you probably planning on having guests over soon, and¬†you need someone to fix your pool in a hurry. We understand and believe us, we get a lot of calls from customers who are in the same predicament.

We will send someone to inspect pool equipment and offer any reasonable solutions. Sometimes, we can get the replacement pool parts right away. In the event of a major emergency, it may be a better solution to completely replace old pool equipment with newer, energy efficient pool equipment. Call us for a free quote, and see if it makes sense to keep your existing pool pump or pool heater.

Replacement Pool Equipment

We have access to every piece of pool equipment from every manufacturer on the market. Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, we carry them all, and we fix all of them as well. Unlike most pool service companies in South Pasadena, we know how to work on everything. It’s no wonder we are the first and last place to look for all of your pool equipment. Our reputation as the top pool cleaning company in South Pasadena gets us special connections with pool supply shops in town. We can pass the savings on to our customers, and keep everyone in the process happy. If you find that replacing your old pool equipment may cost too much, ask about our stock of used and refurbished pool equipment.

South Pasadena Pool Tile Cleaning

Easily, one of the most basic steps to cleaning a pool the right way. Our team will scrub pool tiles, clean pool walls, and pool floors, and even replace pool tiles that have fallen off. We aren’t tile contractors, but we always have a little grout somewhere on one the of the trucks for a quick pool tile fix up. We will do everything reasonable to leave pol tile clean and intact, before looking into other cleaning methods like acid washing.

Leak Detection and Repair

It is important to hire a certified leak detection specialist to inspect your pool if you experience issues that give you a reason to suspect that your pool is leaking. You may notice that the water levels in the pool decrease rapidly, if you find yourself having to add water to your pool frequently, or if you notice extra moisture in the grass, backyard, or around concrete. It’s not a good thing to have to worry about a leaking pool. We love this type of stuff. Our pool technicians are trained to inspect pools to search for cracks in the pool, or in the pipes that could cause a leaky swimming pool. We use the latest tools and computers and cameras and pressure gauges to locate and repair leaks under the slab or in the plumbing.

Algae Removal

Algae in a swimming pool is not nice to look at, it’s slippery and dangerous, waterborne and toxic, and has no place in your swimming pool. We take algae removal seriously. Unless you plan on maintaining a pond full of life, or want to create your own mini ecosystem, no expensive pool should be treated that way.¬†Nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing what could be a beautiful pool, turn into a bowl of swamp water. On the other hand, having the chance to work on pools that are green gets us excited. We know you are going to be just as excited when you see how incredibly clean your pool will look once we are done. Depending on how big your pool is, and how much algae has grown we can get by with a basic algae removal, which can take us a couple of days. Pasadena Pool Services like to do things right, so we might completely drain the pool for a full and complete inspection.

Acid Washing

Acid kills everything. Once we have finished acid washing your pool, you will notice an immediate difference. It’s almost like looking at a brand new pool. Acid washing is a low cost way to restore the life of any swimming pool. Real estate agents who are looking to sell houses that have an older swimming pool should consider acid washing as an alternative to pool painting or pool plastering. In most cases, a little atention from a professional pool cleaning company that has experience with acid wash is all it takes to get a swimming pool its second life. Call us to schedule an appointment for an estimate. 626-587-3761.

South Pasadena Pool Replastering

When we give an estimate of repairs for a swimming pool, we always take a moment to look for signs of plaster chipping away on the pool floor and pool walls. You or your loved ones may have felt little pebble collecting on the floor of the pool. This could be the result of a pool that may need to be plastered. Pools older than 15 years should at the very least have an pool epoxy applied to the surface of their pools. For a very small investment, you could dramatically enhance the look of your back yard by plastering your pool, and increase the selling price of your home when you decide to sell or refinance. Call us for a free quote for pool replastering. You may not have to spend as much as you think, and it will save you money over the longtime life of your swimming pool.